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aerofly RC 7 Downloads

On this page you will find the latest updates for aerofly RC 7 and the current manual in Adobe PDF format.
If you have questions regarding the downloads, you may contact us directly using the contact form.
aerofly RC 7 manual

Here you may download the current aerofly RC 7 manual in Adobe PDF Format.

Click here to download the english manual for aerofly RC 7.
aerofly RC 7 Update for Microsoft Windows

Note for Mac users: This update is for Microsoft Windows only. If you have purchased aerofly RC 7 online in the Apple Mac App Store, please update your application direct through the App Store on your Mac.


  >> Download Update Version 7.4.11 for Windows    

Run the downloaded executable by double-clicking on it. It doesn't matter where you copy the file, the updater will automatically locate aerofly RC 7, simply follow the instructions.

List of changes

Version 7.4.11
  • Fixes a bug when trying to join a Multiplayer session with Voice Chat
  • Fixes regarding the F-Schlepp option

Version 7.4.5
  • Internal changes to the configuration files to fix some bugs. Its necessary to repeat a few steps after installing this update
  • New category for quadcopters in the model load dialog
  • Many smaller bug fixes

Version 7.3.1
  • New models for Ultimate Edition: Blade 700x, CarbonCore 950 Hexa, Dogfighter, Duo Discus, Hexacopter GD-6, Octocopter GD-8,
     Fournier RF4-D, Pilatus PC-6 Porter, Goblin 700, Soxos 600, Soxos 700, Soxos 800, Henseleit TDS, Tucan   
  • New models for Professional Edition: Blade 700x, Fournier RF4-D, Octocopter GD-8, Pilatus PC-6 Porter, Soxos 700, Tucan
  • Bug fix: The air brake on the Alpine model is now working properly
  • Improved responsiveness in windowed mode

Version 7.2.7
  • Bug fix: The motor on the Merlin and Alpine models is now working properly

Version 7.2.1
  • New models for the Ultimate Edition: MD-11, GD-8 octocopter and the CarbonCore 950 hexacopter.
  • Bug fixes regarding the Auto-Zoom and Keep ground in view camera features
  • Bug fix regarding switching modes while flying a quadrocopter
  • Most models can now be assigned different channels for left and right aileron, which allows you to use differential aileron
  • Improved glider tow function
  • Improved flight performance of theGrumman F7F Tigercat
  • The 'Show radio' function now correctly displays the sticks when playing a flight recording
  • Other minor bug fixes and performance improvements

Version 7.0.7
  • aerofly RC 7 now supports user created models ( note aerofly5 user models are NOT compatible, pleae ensure the
    user model is explicitly designed for aerofly RC 7 )
  • Fixes to the models Foka 4, Helios glider, Pilatus PC-11 and UMX Beast
  • After editing a Quadcopter, the model will no longer crash